clinchco, VA

History & Government


Our History

Clinchco got its start as an old coal mining town in the late 1800s. From the very beginning, Clinchco was rich with cultural diversity, as the mines attracted workers from all over the world. Some of the original structures from the first coal camp in Dickenson County are still standing, including a bath house and a coal mining family's open fireplace.

Clinchco was originally known as Moss, VA. Historians debate whether the town was renamed for the Clinchfield Railroad, or if the name was intended as a contraction of the Clinchfield Coal Co. Regardless, our residents embrace the uniqueness of our name and the colorful history it represents.

Famous Resident

Clinchco was the birthplace of World War II hero Staff Sergeant Darrell C. "Shifty" Powers. He learned to shoot from his father, who was an excellent shot with his rifle and pistol. Powers spent a lot of time outdoors hunting game in the Clinchco area before joining the Army and volunteering as a paratrooper.

Powers was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, in the 101st Airborne Division. The Battalion is more commonly known as "Easy Company." In 2001, HBO debuted a miniseries based on the history of Easy Company.


Our Council Men & Women:

  • Mayor: Jarvis Deel

  • Vice Mayor: Ralph Sutherland

  • Council Member: Trevor Counts

  • Council Member: Virginia White

  • Council Member: Ralph Mock, Jr

  • Council Member: Hurbert Branham

  • Council Member: Stearl Branham

Town Attorney: Greg Baker

Town Clerk: Katrina Deel

Our Police Department:

  • Chief: Richard Thacker

  • Officer: Chris Yates


Clinchco is located in northern Dickenson County, in the valley of the beautiful McClure River. Our town is accessible via Virginia State Routes 63 and 83, which pass through town.