June Housing Meeting Minutes




MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Jarvis Deel, Don Hill, Virginia White, Randy Moore

MEMBERS ABSENT 6/15/2017:  Frankie Gulley, Trevor Counts

Town Attorney: Susan Woods

Town Clerk: Tina Bartley

On 6/15/2017 the meeting was called to order by Chairman Jarvis Deel.

Welcoming and moment of silence:

Chairman Jarvis Deel, welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order, and asked for a moment of silence. 

Approval of Minutes:

Chairman Deel stated at this time, has everybody had a chance to go over their minutes; if everybody has had a chance to go over their minutes does anybody have any questions on the minutes; if no questions on the minutes, I will ask for a motion to approve the minutes as is.  Don Hill stated so moved; Virginia White seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.

Approval of the Treasurers Report:

Chairman Deel stated has everybody seen the treasurers report; does anybody have any questions about the treasurers report; if nobody has any questions at this time I will ask the treasurers report be passed as is; Don Hill stated so moved; Virginia White seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.

Additions to the agenda:

Mayor Deel asked if anyone had any addition to add to the agenda; Don Hill stated could we add, amend the agenda going into closed session; Tina stated, if you got time; Chairman Deel stated we are cutting it awful close.  Susan stated you have to have a specific reason, you can’t just…..Don stated to discuss the legal matter that was discussed the last time.  Chairman Deel stated we will put that down under new business #2.  With that added on to the agenda does anybody have any other additions to the agenda; if not I will ask for approval of the agenda as is;  Randy Moore stated so moved; Don Hill seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor. 

Old Business:

Amending the Housing bylaws:

Chairman Deel stated we have discussed amending the housing members to five members and Susan did some checking for me and we will have to run an ad in the paper, is that right;  Susan stated I am sure you will have to, I didn’t check on that specifically but I am sure you will, I know on the budget, but….Chairman Deel stated well do you think we will have to run one on that; I am sure, but I don’t know where it is just the housing board, I don’t know let me look into it.  I will have to look at the bylaws; I thought it just said 30 days.  Chairman Deel stated 30 day notice is all that I can find on it.  Susan stated, I don’t know if you all would have to, but let me double check, I don’t want you all to do anything…..Chairman Deel stated, I guess that is my fault there cause I didn’t get you to check on it, I was thinking about the budget but like I say all I have ever read on it is just a 30 day notice, is that what you have read on it Randy;  Don asked who would you give the 30 day notice to; Susan stated well it is in your bylaws and I don’t know, I didn’t write the bylaws.  Don stated ok I just said who the 30 day notice would go to, the public; Chairman Deel stated it would go to us and council and then when we do amend it down to the five members we still have to send it on to the DHCD.  Don stated, ok that was my question who do we have to notify.  But if it does state somewhere in the housing that we do have to have a public hearing for it that would be the public to and then I would be wrong.  Susan stated I will check on it for you.  Chairman Deel asked was there anything else that we had talked about that we would need to amend those bylaws other than bringing it down to 5 members.  I was thinking that was all that we talked about that way we can still have a meeting when you need to.  Actually, Randy is the one that suggested that a while back we just never amended it.  Don stated so what happens to the additional people we have on there right now; just go by the wayside.  Chairman Deel stated no, we can have it amended and we can have up to 8 if we want it on the board but we are going to make it mandatory 5 members so we will be able to have a meeting.  Randy stated it will be called a majority of 5.  Chairman Deel stated it just stated a majority of 5.  Randy stated you can have 8 or 9 but you got to have a majority of 5.  Don stated, I guess I am a little confused as to why we even need to change the bylaws since we have 5 would be a majority anyway if its less than five we wouldn’t have a majority.  Susan stated well, 4….. Chairman Deel stated if you are saying 5 then we are meeting illegally if you are saying 5 will be the majority.  Susan stated you have 7 members right now…right so 4 is the majority.  If you have 5 members, 3 would be the majority you could still meet with 3, now that is the way I understood it.  Don stated well I was under the impression we had 5 members currently, I mean 8.  Susan stated no there isn’t 8.  Don stated 7.  Susan agreed, 7.  Don stated so if you drop it….Chairman Deel stated if we drop it to a majority of 5 and there wasn’t but three of us showed up then we can have the meeting.  Randy stated looks like there would be enough people in this town that would be interested.  Chairman Deel stated yeah, you would think so.  Randy stated you don’t have to tell me anything.  Susan stated it is up to you all.  Susan stated if you got 4 people right now you can have a meeting.  Chairman Deel stated well see Randy just about didn’t show up; Susan stated yeah, and if you didn’t have 4 then you wouldn’t be able to meet.  Right now we are running without a DHCD representative they are supposed to get back in touch with me shortly to let me know who our representative will be.  But I tried to call up there today to talk to today and talk to Lisa again and she was in a meeting so I tried Matt Weaver and I left a message for him and he did call me back the other day and that is when he was telling me he would let us know who our representative would be as soon as he could find out.  I also told them if there was any way that I could meet with them over this whole mess we have got going on, I would appreciate it if we could meet because something is going to have to be done, someway somehow.  It can’t keep going like this keep coming down here and sitting and not getting nothing done.  Susan sated we need some direction and I will be more than happy to sit in that meeting because I have several questions myself.  Chairman Deel stated I am working on getting that set up.  Don Hill asked what were they talking about here; Susan stated I am assuming what you wanted to go into closed session for….. and the and the answer is I don’t know anything.  Don stated ok the answer is you don’t know anything and we were going to call Lisa, you never did get up with her; Chairman Deel stated no, I tried again today.  Don stated ok, that was the only reason I wanted to go into that so I will resend that.  Chairman Deel stated I did talk to Matt Weaver about it and like what I say it is really going to take a sit down meeting to discuss stuff and get some paperwork where all of us is covered over anything that goes on.  Susan agreed that is exactly what needs to happen.  Don asked you have heard of a Gordian knot haven’t you; Susan stated no.  Don stated it is a group tale and a Gordian knot is tied up in many different.  Susan stated oh ok…..Don stated this is a Gordian knot.  Chairman Deel stated I can probably read these papers out loud because this should be public knowledge.  Susan stated I kind of doubt it.  Don stated you better go into closed session anyway, we won’t resend it; don’t want to take any chances.  Susan stated that one letter might be, but I don’t know if that one letter underneath it is.  Chairman Deel stated so I could read this one out.  Susan stated well I really don’t see where that would fall under anything that is on the agenda.  Susan stated why don’t you just pass it down and let them read it.  Chairman Deel passed both papers down to the Housing members so they could review it.  Don asked if the extension they are talking about here the contract; Chairman Deel stated no that was the previous the one that was refusing and cut everything off.  Chairman Deel stated this is just to give you all an ample point of why we are in the situation we are in right now.  Susan asked if there was anything else Chairman Deel needed her to look into about the bylaws or just the procedure we do it the right way.  Chairman Deel stated just to see that we do it the right way and if I could have ever gotten ahold of someone at the DHCD I would have asked them to make sure and double check, but I don’t know, I couldn’t get ahold of nobody.  Susan stated so is it because where David Adams left that you don’t have a representative currently.  Chairman Deel stated yes, were he retired we won’t have a representative until they give us one.  Susan asked did Matt act like there could be soon; Chairman Deel stated he never said but he knows what kind of situation we are in and he more less try to help us figure out what we can get out of it and what we can do.  The reason I want to meet face to face is because it’s a whole lot better and maybe get some paper confirmation off of it.  Don Hill asked Susan if she saw a potential legal issue there; Susan stated I don’t know without more information, I have just saw those two things.  Don stated can we ask questions about this; Susan stated we will have to go into closed session if you want to ask questions about it. 

Closed Session:

Chairman Deel stated ok, moving on we will drop the housing checking account since it is froze.  The reason I had it on there is just in case I needed a little money to go up there and meet with them just in case they wouldn’t come up here and meet with me, but the main thing right now would be to wait and see if I can get a meeting set up and I would like to get them down here where Susan can sit in on the meeting.  Don Hill agreed that was a good idea.  Chairman Deel stated ok, moving one….right now we will go into closed session or do I have a motion for us to go into closed session.  Don Hill stated so moved; Virginia White seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.  Chairman Deel stated at this time we will go into closed session under code # 2.2-3711 section 7 to discuss legal matters.

Chairman Deel stated ok at this time we will call the meeting back into session according to code section 2-3712 and section 7 and I would like a motion from somebody that all we discussed was legal matters; Randy Moore made the motion; Virginia White seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.

New Business:

No new business was discussed.

Public Comments:

Mayor Deel asked for any public comments; no comments were made.

Housing Member Comments:

Chairman Deel asked at this time does any housing members have any comments; no comments were made.


Chairman Deel asked for a motion to adjourn; Don Hill stated so moved; Randy Moore seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.