May Minutes




MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Jarvis Deel, Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland, Herbert Branham, Stearl Branham

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Nathan Mullins, Virginia White, Trevor Counts



Call to Order & Welcome by Mayor

Mayor Jarvis Deel welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order and asked for a moment of silence.   

Approval of Minutes

Mayor Jarvis Deel asked if everyone has had time to look at the last minutes and if there is any discussion over the minutes; no discussion was made.  Stearl Branham made a motion to approve the minutes; Herbert Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken all members were in favor.

Approval of Treasurers Reports

Mayor Jarvis Deel asked if everyone has had a chance to look at their treasurers’ reports (General and Police Department); and if you have, I would like to ask if anyone has any discussion over the reports; Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland made a motion to approve both treasurers’ reports; Stearl Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken all members were in favor.


Mayor Deel asked for any additions to the agenda; no additions were made.  Stearl Branham made a motion to approve the agenda; Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.

Old Business:

VFC Meeting:

Mayor Deel stated that he attended the VFC meeting in Roanoke which regarded the St. Joseph University volunteer group that came here. Mayor Deel explained the lay out of the meeting and what happened during his stay.

New Business:

We had our 2019-20 Budget and Tax Levi public hearing

Members Present: Mayor Jarvis Deel, Herbert Branham, Stearl Branham, Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland

Members Absent: Nathan Mullins, Virginia White, Trevor Counts

Town Clerk: Katrina Deel

Town Attorney: Greg Baker

Call to order: Mayor Jarvis Deel called the public meeting to order and welcomed everyone that came.

Mayor Jarvis Deel stated he wanted everyone to review the purposed budget and asked if there was any discussion regarding the 2019-20 budget; Vice Mayor Ralph asked about sick time and where that would show on the budget; Mayor Jarvis Deel explained all of that is though the total amount paid in payroll. No public comments were made regarding the 2019-20 purposed budget.

Mayor Jarvis Deel adjourned the Public Hearing.

New Ordinance:

Mayor Deel stated he felt we needed to draw up a new ordinance; The new ordinance would need to be over the dumpster diving. Mayor Deel explained the state statute of dumpster diving in Virginia and how the town can pass its own ordinance to stop dumpster diving.  Council discussed of what fines could take place if someone was caught dumpster diving or making a mess on the ground, or piling stuff up beside the dumpster. Council discussed of surveillance that needs to be around the dumpsters.  Council discussed that it was a county dumpster that was put in its location for the Senior Citizens Building.  Also, discussion of how the county in general has a huge issue with the dumpsters and how it needs to improve.  Town Attorney Greg Baker stated it will be a good idea to do an ordinance, and place a sign and cameras on the dumpsters.  Greg stated he will be working on the ordinance and bring something back to the council. 

Clinchco Kiwanis:

JR with the Clinchco Kiwanis, stated to council that he had a couple things to talk about and get permission with.  JR stated they did have the money for beautification to put flower pots and flowers to put at the intersection and though out town and we wanted to make sure we had your permission to do that.  We do have the money for that and possibly benches to put out in town, and the members will be coming though watering and taking care of the flowers.  Stearl Branham made a motion to allow Clinchco Kiwanis to put out flower pots and flowers though out the town for beautification; Herbert Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.  

Jr then addressed the town council about a purchase of a 40’ Conex storage unit to store; mainly the food that is left from Feeding America that we have once a month.  We will be storing the food in it for the people who may need it though out the month.  We will have it sandblasted and painted at the same time we will be beautifying it to, and our main concern is a place to put it and we were wondering if we can back a 40’ Conex behind the town hall.  Mayor Deel stated that behind the building is pretty tight, and I have other stuff back there that I use.  Mayor Deel suggested the corner of Main and Litton Street; JR stated probably so, but it would be hard to get power into it from there.  Mayor Deel also stated the problem with this back here to is were they are trying to get a grant for the Fire Dept. this land out here is were the Fire Dept will have to set.  Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland agreed with Mayor Deel.  JR stated the land beside the town hall (Arlene Fuller’s property).  Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland stated we don’t own that piece of property.  JR stated we are only talking about a 40’ trailer and it is only 4’ wide.  Mayor Deel reiterated about the Fire Dept and the possible grant they are trying to get.  JR asked who owned the property, Mayor Deel stated Arlene Fuller.  Council made discussion over the Fire Dept.  JR stated on the other side of this railing here is County, is that correct.  Mayor Deel stated yes, it is.  Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland stated that Nathan had told him that nobody had to move the Fire Dept.  Mayor Deel asked Police Chief Richard Thacker about how many times has he been contacted over the grant with the Fire Dept.; Chief Thacker stated several, they are trying to get a 202 grant though the Core of Engineers.  The core of the building is busted on both sides going down, and the far-left side of the building is collapsing.  The Core of Engineers has been up there to look at, but I don’t know when or if they will ever do anything, but they are trying.   JR asked if the land beside the town hall has been purchased yet; Mayor Deel stated no, not yet, but I have talked to her about it though.  JR stated it is up to you all, we are just trying to better Clinchco. Keep food into the area, and trying to beautify Clinchco, and trying to make Clinchco a part of the County. Clinchco has been left out period. Herbert Branham asked if they have already applied for a grant for a new Fire Dept.; Mayor Deel replied they are working on it.  Council made discussion of a grant writer for the town.  JR stated to council; so pretty much all your saying we can have is right down here at the intersection on the wide spot; Mayor Deel stated yes, that would be my opinion, but you can have a vote on it.  Council made more discussion of other possible locations in town, near the town hall.  JR stated that if the Fire Dept needed the land it would only take 10 mins to hook the Conex up and move it, plus how they are trying to beautify Clinchco.  Mayor Deel asked JR, is this going to happen; I have heard this for a long time.  JR stated he was just waiting on permission to do it.  The stuff is sitting there, we just didn’t put it out because we wanted to ask the town.  Discussion was made regarding the width of the Conex, then JR announced it was 92 inches wide, which is 8’.  Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland made a motion to either vote or move on to something else; Mayor Deel asked JR where did they plan on getting their power right out here (meaning beside the town hall) JR stated AEP he supposed.  Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland stated they had a power pole right down there and you could get it off the school ground.  JR stated there is no power down there.  Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland stated he was talking about the power poles were the school was.  I am sure the power lines are on the poles.  JR stated the only power would be at the vocational school all the other was shut off.  Attorney Greg Baker stated another question is who will be paying the power.  When you get power is the Kiwanis paying it, or the town or who; JR stated I guess the Kiwanis or we can hit the County up they pay the other two.  Ongoing discussion of locations to put the Conex building.  JR asked what would happen if someone bought that off of Irene before the Fire Dept got their grant.  Mayor Deel stated I have already talked to Irene and if that happens, we will requester that land out there that is in the 202 agreement.  Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland made a motion to table the discussion on the trailer for now; Mayor Jarvis Deel seconded the motion; a vote was taken…. Attorney Greg Baker stated he didn’t believe everyone voted, he stated there needs to be a roll call vote done.  Mayor Deel stated we will do a roll call vote; the roll call vote was never completed.  

Stearl Branham made a motion to allow the Conex to go on the corner of Litton and Main Street; Herbert Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.

McCauley Home:

Mayor Jarvis Deel stated the McCauley’s that purchased the home beside Dennis Reedy’s home; they are asking if they could purchase gravel and put the gravel down between the head start and their home.  Mayor Jarvis Deel made a motion to allow gravel be put down by the McCauley’s; Herbert Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.

Faith Bible Church:

Mayor Jarvis Deel stated on June 1st, the Faith Bible Church is wanting to have a family fun day, they will be using the Senior Citizens Building and the lot, and was wanting to set bouncy houses over here.  Mayor Jarvis Deel made a motion to all the Faith Bible Church to have a family fun day; Stearl Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor. 

Public Comments:

Mayor Deel asked the town attorney, Greg Baker to read the rules for public comments; Greg read out loud all rules that must be followed by the public as they give comments.  Marsha Woods addressed council on her concern of parking here in Clinchco, and the junked vehicles with no tags and they don’t run.

Council Comments:

Mayor Deel asked for council comments; Herbert Branham asked if there was an animal ordinance here in town.  Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland stated yes.  Herbert then disused his concern about the dogs running on Palmer Street.  Mayor Deel stated he has already sent animal control up there and that we can only do so much.


Herbert Branham made a motion to adjourn; Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.