September Council Minutes





MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Jarvis Deel, Vice Mayor Ralph Sutherland, Member Stearl Branham, Member Hurbert “Poly” Branham, Member Virginia White, Member Trevor Counts





Call to Order & Welcome by Mayor

Mayor Jarvis Deel welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order and asked for a moment of silence.


Approval of Minutes

Mayor Jarvis Deel asked if everyone has had time to look at the last minutes we had.  We haven’t had a meeting since then so there is only one set of minutes to read.  If anybody is lost on it, it is your June minutes.  Mayor Jarvis Deel asked for a motion to approve the minutes as is for June.  Trevor Counts made the motion to approve the minutes; Virginia White seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.


Approval of Treasurers Reports

Mayor Jarvis Deel asked if everyone has had a chance to look at all of their treasurer’s reports and if anybody has any questions on the treasurer’s report; first I will ask about the police department treasurers report and that will be June, July, August and September.  Virginia White asked if we have only had one part time police officer work, Jackie Mullins except for that Richard Thacker; Mayor Jarvis Deel stated yeah, for a while then Richard has worked.  Virginia stated I see where he has worked.  Trevor Counts asked Mayor Deel where did Jackie Mullins work at; Mayor Deel stated that he also works for the county, that is Coojo is who that is in case you’re wondering.  Trevor Counts stated she wished he would start coming around the back road, you cannot get through the back road right there where you come around from Adams Street and Jarvis they have been pulling these carts on a golf cart.  They put kids on the cart and pull it and someone is going to get hurt.  Mayor Deel stated ok, we can talk about that in the meeting first let’s get though approving everything.  If everybody has reviewed that do I have a motion to pass also your General Account has everybody had a chance to look at it that way we can approve both of them together and it will be for the same months the police department was.  If everybody has had time to look at both sets I will ask for a motion to approve both reports at the same time as is; Poly stated you mean August and September both; Steal stated July and August.  Poly stated oh all three of them; Mayor Deel agreed.  Poly Branham made a motion to accept the treasurer’s reports; Stearl Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor. 



Mayor Jarvis Deel asked if anyone had any additions they would like to make to the agenda; Mayor Deel suggested to Trevor Counts now would be a good time to bring that up; Trevor Counts stated never mind he ain’t going to do nothing anyway.  Mayor Deel stated ok, at this time I will ask for an approval of the agenda.  Mayor Deel stated he wanted to make an addition himself; I would like to put Tammy Cochran in front of old business because she has to go pick her child up and she has something she has to talk to us about.  Now with that addition to the agenda I will ask for an approval of the agenda as is; Streal Branham made the motion to approve the agenda; Poly Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.


New Business:

Ridgeview Band Boosters:

Mayor Deel stated at this time I would like Tammy Cochran stand up and make her presentation; Tammy Cochran introduced herself to the council and stated she was with the Ridgeview Band Boosters.  I would like to request a donation from the town, I sent a letter and I assume you have it and on May 12th next year, I know it is kind of early to ask for a donation for something that is happening in May of next year, but we would like to take our band to see a musical production it is called STOMP my family went personally and seen it and it is a great show its percussion music, drums things like that.  What they do though is they take ordinary items that you see every day from trashcans to kitchen sinks and they make really neat, cool stuff with it.  It is a really good show and I think the kids would enjoy it a lot.  Now, having said that I am sure you all know about budget issues and the budget that the band gets is next to nothing so, we work really, really hard to try and offset any costs that we can for these kids.  We do a concession stand at the ballgames.  This year we have worked at the truck pulls, we have worked at the fair.  We are doing an online face book auction in October to try and raise money we do everything we are pro-active instead of un-active we are trying everything we can, because we need uniforms, we have a bunch of kids coming up from 6th grade and 7th grade next year.  Even though we have all the uniforms we need more.  We have instrument repairs that they budget that we are given doesn’t provide enough to make repairs on the instruments.  If we do get the money to go on this trip…it’s in Chattanooga it will be a one day trip.  I feel this is something that will be beneficial and educational.  It is a clean show it is nothing that wouldn’t be inappropriate for school age kids and I think that is important as well.  If you can see your way clear in helping us in any way we would be very appreciative for anything you can give.  These kids work really hard, they are a good group of kids, they are really tight nit, and they are close.  If you can help us in any way we will appreciate it and I thank you for your time.  Poly Branham stated anybody that don’t know her, her dad is Donnie Harrison he works with the Lions Club with us, both him and Diana.  His wife is real sick and she will be having an operation here next week.  Mayor Deel stated at this time I will ask the council for a little discussion of what they would want to donate to the band boosters.  Poly stated this is our school to so I think we should give them something to help them out, I don’t know what or where to start.  Mayor Deel stated would $100.00 be ok?  Tammy stated that would be great anything would help out.  Ralph Sutherland stated he thought maybe $100.00.  Mayor Deel stated that sounds like a good idea Ralph.  Mayor Deel stated that Ralph said $100.00 so I will make a motion to donate $100.00 to the band boosters.  Poly Branham seconded that motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.  Don Hill asked Tammy how many members were in the band; Tammy stated they had 38 this year.  Don stated that was $2.63 a person.  Tammy stated the tickets for the show is $57.00 a person groups greater than 10 get a 10% discount.  Poly stated that ain’t nothing.  Don Hill stated you can amend your motion.  Poly stated he would like to amend it and whatever it takes to do it, I think we should give more than $2 and something a person that won’t even buy their dinner.  Poly stated well how much would be good.  Tina stated if you give $200.00 that is $5.00 a kid.  Poly stated I make a motion.  Mayor Deel stated you have to amend the motion.  Poly stated I have already amended it, didn’t I; Susan stated no.  Mayor Deel stated just say you would like to amend the motion.  Poly stated that he would like to amend the motion from $100.00 donation and replace it with a $200.00 donation.  Ralph Sutherland stated he withdrew his motion of $100.00.  Stearl Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.  Tammy thanked council for the donation.


Reappointments of Vice Mayor:

Mayor Deel stated we need to talk about reappointment of Vice Mayor.  We are supposed to do that every year.  Jarvis asked Ralph if he had been here a year yet; Susan Wood stated probably close to it I would say.  Mayor Deel stated let’s see 2016-2017 so I guess you have, I make a motion we reappoint Ralph Sutherland as Vice Mayor do I have a second; Stearl Barnham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.


Old Business:

Clinchco 100th anniversary:

Mayor Jarvis Deel stated I guess everybody is about caught up on everything that will be going on for the 100th anniversary.  Haysi/Clinchco Lions Club will be set up out here selling food start at 9 am like they always do with games and horse shoe we will have blow ups on the other side of the building.  Historical Society down here set up in Dennis yard the old museum will be open and then around 3 pm a car show, live band (bad ridge) while the car show is going on and Elswicks concession set up and you can see the trophies for the car show and that is about the only update I can give on it right now.  I have another band that is supposed to call me in the morning about setting up down here.  Trevor stated that Ralph is the president so get in touch with him.  Virginia asked how much it would be; Mayor Deel stated it would probably be $200.00 on our part and $200.00 on your all’s part.  Ralph Sutherland asked how long they would be playing down here.  Mayor Deel stated they will play from 10 – 2.  Virginia White stated we will have to pay $200.00 and they would have to pay $200.00.  Ralph Sutherland stated that sounds alright.  Mayor Deel stated I will have some expense on this one if that band plays.  Ralph Sutherland asked if it was Charlie Edwards; Chairman Deel stated yes, so I guess you can figure what is coming out of my pocket out of this deal.  They will call me in the morning and then we will advertise that in the next weeks paper along with everything else that is going on and this last weeks paper there will be updates in the next weeks paper so we will be able to uh…Brads supposed to let me know what they call themselves and stuff.  Like I told him it will be 10-2 he said he would get ahold of all of them and their pretty sure they will be able to do it.  That’s about all the update I have on that.  Virginia White stated well shouldn’t you put in there that the Planning Committee will be giving out gifts and stuff.  Tina stated I have, it is on our website and Face book page.  Ralph Sutherland stated it is way down at the bottom though.  Tina stated it is on our calendar.  Mayor Deel stated it is all on our calendar for the town.  Ralph Sutherland stated yeah, we can talk about that some other time.  Mayor Deel stated yeah, we will because I don’t recon the planning committee runs the town.  Virginia White stated no, we don’t run the town, no.



Mayor Deel stated we had ARC TV come down, Dr Benco.  That was the Dr. that use to be in Clinchco son.  He come down and interviewed Ralph, Joe Bill and Anita quite a few to put on.  Dennis was interviewed, it was probably 5 or 6 put on there.  He’s got all that and I don’t know exactly when he is going to air it and I need to talk to him and find out.  I also think he is going to be down here for our Clinchco Days a day or two, maybe for our celebration Saturday I am not for sure he didn’t say.



Mayor Deel stated also on our agenda now we can take #4 off, the donation request because that is what was pertaining to Tammy.  Poly asked Jarvis when we come down here, when the Lions Club comes down here do we have to…are you going to put on there what they are going to serve or what they are going to have.  Mayor Deel stated if you all want to give us a menu we can.  Poly stated ok, I don’t have that with me but I was asked by the president of the Lions Club that tonight she said they can serve ice cream, they can put it inside the church and get it.  Mayor Deel stated if you can get us a menu we can get it put on there.  Poly stated ok, I will have her call you.  Trevor stated the Planning Committee is making cakes for you all to sell. 


Closed Session:

Mayor Deel stated at this time we need to go into closed session; Poly Branham made a motion to go into executive session; Stearl Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.  Mayor Deel stated the reason we are going into executive session is for 2.2-3711 section 7, section 4, for personnel matters.


Back to open session:

Mayor Deel stated he wanted to bring the meeting back into open session according to code 2.22-3707 and I will ask that only personnel matters were discussed in the executive with council, and can I have a motion on that; Poly Branham made the motion; Ralph Sutherland seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.  Mayor Deel stated we are now back into open session.  Now I would like to make a motion for Tina to have two paid vacation instead of one for her going on 4th year.  Ralph Sutherland seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.


Housing Board:

Mayor Deel stated at this time I would like to bring up Tina and Ralph….Ralph are you still wanting on the housing board; Ralph Sutherland stated I might as well for a while anyhow.  Mayor Deel made a motion to add Tina and Ralph to our housing board.  Stearl Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.



Council Comments:

Mayor Deel asked for council comments; Ralph Sutherland stated yeah, I think what we outta do when we can’t meet for any reason we should have it the follow week instead of waiting a full month I mean you know if we don’t have enough people and put it off a month I think we ought to set it for the next week.  Mayor Deel stated well to do that we would have to run an advertisement in the paper for two weeks.  Susan Wood stated it only has to be a week ahead of time.  Ralph stated you may have something you have to talk about and if you wait a month or two well by then it might be too late.  Mayor Deel agreed.  Ralph stated I think you have to work it ever how you have to do it to have the meetings.  Mayor Deel stated all we have to do is run an advertisement for a week.  Susan Wood stated yeah, but you don’t want to waste that money if people won’t show up.  I mean you need to make sure people are available.  Ralph stated I believe if you read in your minutes there it says if your council members are notified of the meeting the following week then you don’t have to do anything.  Mayor Deel stated you have to run an advertisement in the paper for the public.  Don stated except there is an exception to that called administrative order 203 that will allow committees not to meet in closed session but advertise their meeting and have no public comment.  Which is what they are doing at the School meetings in Clintwood.  But they are supposed to be advertising and I think keep minutes looking at that now.  So there is an exception to that for committee’s not public bodies.  Poly stated when do we want to meet up about her raise are we going to bring that up in the meeting or what are we going to do; Mayor Deel stated well we are going to discuss it next meeting.  Poly asked closed session; Mayor Deel agreed.  Stearl asked what was they supposed to do about this resignation letter from Edna Gulley; Mayor Deel stated that is to just let you all know she stepped down from the housing board. 


Public Comments:

Mayor Deel asked for any public comments; Don Hill stated yes, first thing I want to talk about is the veterans sign.  Now, do we have a sign up somewhere; Mayor Deel stated yes.  Don asked where it was; Mayor Deel stated down here on the bridge where you turn up to Tarpon at the end of the bridge.  Don asked if we have dedicated it yet; Mayor Deel stated not really, not yet, not a formal dedication on it.  Don asked don’t you think that will be a good idea; Mayor Deel stated well it probably wouldn’t hurt we would probably get a little attention maybe.  Don stated maybe it would recognize me for my 3years of service.  Most people don’t know that I was in the army from 1960-1963; I went through airborne training and ranger school, that’s neither here nor there.  Second thing, we have discussion after these motions.  Mayor Deel stated discussions; Don stated yes, sir every time a motion is made the council or housing board is supposed to be asked if there is any discussion.  Mayor Deel stated that is supposed to be before the motion made.  Don sated ok, how can you discuss a motion that hasn’t been made; Third thing, Tina is going on 4 years here when is the town going to give her a raise; end of comment. Stearl stated we can discuss that tonight.  Mayor Deel stated we can discuss that next meeting.  Stearl stated she has been here the longest as any secretary we have ever had.  Mayor Deel stated she has been the only secretary I have ever had.  Tina stated I think I am the prior to Ralph, because I don’t know how long anyone stayed with him but after him I think I am the one that has stayed the longest.  Mayor Deel asked Ralph how long Jenny Faye was there; Trevor stated how long; she started in 2009 right after Karen quit and she was there until 2012.  But she started right after Karen quit, we couldn’t get nobody and then….Mayor Deel stated well no you all voted Karen out and voted Jenny Faye in full time.  Trevor Counts stated yeah, that is what I am saying, I mean after Karen quit Jenny Faye took the job.  Mayor Deel stated that is what I am saying Karen didn’t quit, you all voted her out and then Jenny Faye took the job full time.  Don Hill stated the question is how long did Jenny Faye stay in as town clerk; Mayor Deel stated probably about three I would say wasn’t Ralph; Ralph Sutherland stated I don’t know, I got paper work but I don’t know.  So she was in there about 3 or 3 ½ years.  Trevor stated she was in there longer than that I have paper work.  Mayor Deel stated we wasn’t in there but 4 year Trevor….2008-2012 that was our term.  Don Hill stated the comment was raised for Tina regardless of how long she has been here which is 4 years according to her.  Mayor Deel stated that was somebody else that made the comment Mr. Hill about how long and who was here the longest or something like that anyway that is what got the discussion started.  Don stated my name is Don.  Mayor Deel stated ok, Don.  Don Hill stated thank you Mr. Mayor.  Trevor stated Shelby was in there first then Cathy, and then Karen and Jenny Faye then when Peggy got in I couldn’t tell you how many was here they would start then quit for something or another.  Virginia stated Whitney stayed to longest.  Mayor Deel stated the only one who would have stayed longer than Tina would have been Jenny Faye.  Ralph Sutherland asked what are you going to do about moving the meeting; Mayor Deel asked Susan if they had to vote on that.  Susan stated you don’t have to vote on it but as long as you advertise for the public.  Mayor Deel stated if we don’t have enough for our meeting we advertise a week in the paper and have the meeting the next week.  We actually don’t vote on that.  It is just something we can do and make it up the next week.  Don Hill asked if they were talking about the newspapers; Mayor Deel stated yes.  Don stated you actually don’t have to give but a three day notice.  Mayor Deel stated that is if it is an emergency meeting.  Don Hill disagreed and Susan stated she would have to look it up to be sure.  Don stated to go ahead.  Mayor Deel stated I know you will find it will only be a work session and Susan agreed.  Ralph Sutherland stated well what would be wrong to vote to have the meeting the following week, I mean you gotta vote to have the regular meetings it said you voted every month that on this day the town will have a meeting well that was voted on a long time ago so why can’t you just vote and say well if we don’t have our scheduled meeting we will have one the following week.  Susan stated you all are more than welcome to vote but it’s not on the agenda right now so you can’t vote you will have to do it next time.  Mayor Deel stated you really don’t have to vote.  Ralph Sutherland stated well I just think that is a long time then it’s another month before you can discuss anything.  That is just my opinion.  Mayor Deel stated well like I said we can call a work session post it for three days and then have a non-voting work session or we can advertise for a week and have a voting meeting the next week, either one.  Ralph Sutherland stated I am just saying it would be a good idea.  Trevor Counts stated well that is going to make more money for Tina she will have to be here and one of these days we aren’t going to have any money to give her like this.  You got to look at the if’s and, and’s because you know here we sit down here…I don’t know how long she stays after but we start at 6:00 and most of the time it is 8:00 or 8:30 before we get out of here that makes her 2 ½ hours that she has to work that we are paying her for.  Mayor Deel stated that is what I am trying to say, she will take off early tomorrow she doesn’t work over her 40 hours that is what I said while ago.



Ralph Sutherland made a motion to adjourn; Poly Branham seconded the motion; a vote was taken and all members were in favor.

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